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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this service?

Our service is very simple. We have a server which creates an unique URL address for each customer. By opening that URL address, you'll phone will be called. However this URL address can only be accessed from TradingView servers since most of our customers are using this for price alerts. If you want to use the webhook address for other purposes, please let us know.

How do I reactivate my subscription?

Please log in from the top menu and ensure your payment method is up to date. After that you can send "REACTIVATE" to our e-mail address:
We will process the reactivation in 1-12 hours.

Can I get spam?

No. Your webhook address can only be accessed by TradingView. Other IP-addresses are blocked. That is why even you can't open the link. The only way to get spam is to set up an alert which is constantly firing again and again.

Where is my phone number stored at?

Your phone number is stored at our order database which is in Stripe. You can read their privacy policy from this link.

Where are my credit card details stored at?

We use Stripe to collect the payments. Stripe is used by millions of businesses. We cannot see your credit card details ourselves.

How many alerts I can receive monthly?

There's no limit if you are a paid customer. However if you receive more than 500 calls monthly, you'll subscription will be automatically upgraded with High Volume Package which is an extra  7.55 USD for every extra 500 calls. You can cancel the subscription any time. Most of the users are getting 50-150 calls monthly though.

< 500 calls/mo = 9.95 USD / month

500-999 calls/mo = 17.5 USD / month
1000-1499 calls/mo = 27.05 USD / month

1500-1999 calls/mo = 32.6 USD / month
et cetera.

How do I set alerts in TradingView?

Please check out their Help Center.

Why I can't see "webhook" field in my alert forms?

You don't have TradingView Pro.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please log in to customer portal.

How do I change my phone number?

Please log in to customer portal. Remember to update your webhook address accordingly.

How do I change my card on file?

Please log in to customer portal. If your subscription was already cancelled due to failed payments, please contact customer support or buy the subscription again via this website.

Where I can see my call volume?

Please use the link provided in the order confirmation e-mail.

Which countries do you support?

You can see the list when you are buying.

Will I always get the call from the same number?

Yes. We recommend to save the number in "Emergency contacts" list so your phone will ring even in sleep / silent mode.

I missed a call, why?

This is super-rare to happen but sometimes you might miss a call because TradingView had a service disturbance, we had a service disturbance, your phone operator had a disturbance or something else.


We do not take any responsibility for your losses from missing an alarm but we do our best to always deliver the phone call for you as fast as possible. Though we suggest to use multiple ways to get the alerts.

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