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Never miss a trade again.
Get instant phone calls for your TradingView alerts. 9.95 USD / mo. Cancel any time.

  • No delay of price alert apps

  • No internet connection needed for alerts

  • 99.9998% uptime since we have started

  • Your alert message is read with voice



01. The best way to get an alert

Phone call doesn't need internet and a phone number can be added to "Emergency Contacts" so you your phone will ring even if vibration mode is on.


There's plenty of price alert apps but you can't connect them to your TradingView alerts and they may have 5-60 min delay because of how iOS and Android limits app background data usage. The delay can only be avoided by getting your alerts via phone call. 

02. Cost-Effective

Our service costs almost nothing for you. You can try to configure other systems to do all this but they will never be the same and they will cost more (we have tried this...). Also you can safely turn your mobile data off while using our alerts.

03. Easy set-up

You will get a webhook address which you can paste in your TradingView alerts. TradingView Essential (or higher) is needed for webhook alerts.

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